How to open a block account and operate it

One has to possess a document called Finanzierungsnachweis while applying for a Student Visa for Germany or a proof of one’s financial means. Applying of such forms assure that the international student is able to support himself financially during his/her study. These documents are important in few cases like if he/she applies for a Student Visa for Germany or applying for a university admission in Germany or to get a PR.

It is imperative that one has to be able to prove the ability to cope with living and semester costs of studies in Germany. A candidate must provide proof of possessing 8400 Euros per annum in his/her personal blocked account in Germany. A blocked bank account is the common form for all international candidates to prove their financial ability.

You can open a bank account in Deutsch Bank as well as with Kotak Mahindra Bank.

Withdrawing Your Money From A Blocked Account In Germany

After your arrival in Germany, you would be required to withdraw money from your block account because you needed to pay you semester fee, rent and essential living cost.

That is why you will need to open a block account before arriving in Germany. The bank officer will offer you the Euro cheque-Karte or EC Card to withdraw your money from an ATM and also provide password and id for online banking. You can withdraw only 700 Euro per month.

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