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Germany is an excellent location for attaining a medical degree, offering high-quality education at low cost. Medical education in Germany is free and the main requirements for admission are high school certificate and German language skills. The Medical training program in Germany is a single course of duration 6years unlike other countries that offer bachelor and masters seperately.  It concludes with the state examination. The medical program is entirely in German language.


As it is already mentioned good German language skills are essential as you have to deal with the German patients during the practical phase and in account to this you will not feel difficulty in following the lectures in German. One more prerequisite before applying for Medicine in Germany is ability to cope well with stress as medical programs are often time-consuming and exhaustive, with up to 25-30 hours of mandatory classes a week.

Non-EU students may demand a student visa and residence permit

Medical education in Germany is integrated into a network of hospitals, universities, research institutes and business enterprises. Medicine is a very popular course to study in Germany. That’s why good grades are essential for admission.


The admission process differ for  different universities..Germany follows  a centrally restricted admission policy (called a national “Numerus clausus” or “central NC”), because Medicine is one of those subjects for which there are more applicants than study places available. We advise you contacting the university of your choice well in advance.

How to apply:

To apply for student visa, the student must present a medical certificate.To submit your application via the Stiftung für Hochschulzulassung  Foundation for University Admissions, you should register yourself via their website, this will allow you to track your application status. You may also require to  complete an online registration procedure on your university’s website. You can also apply through uni assist centralized admission process.

Career Outlook: 

Once you’ve passed the State Examination, you’ll be granted your medical license and can begin your practice as a doctor. The medical license is permanent and valid anywhere in Germany. Average starting salaries are very good around €49,000 (~US$52,000) a year, which is generally more than starting salaries for graduates of any other discipline.

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