Checklist For German Student Visa

If you are applying under student visa category in Germany then you need to make sure that you carry all the required documents which is made mandatory by the German Embassy. Germany being one of the favorite study abroad destination for Indian students offers a variety of courses in the field of Engineering, Medicine, MBA, Law, Language, economic & arts. All the students who are either going for pursuing their Bachelor’s, Master’s or short courses must carry the below-given documents.

• Student’s valid passport (issued within the last 10 years and with at least 12 months validity left after the
scheduled return).
• A complete & correctly filled student visa application form & declarations duly signed.
• 1 copy of your passport’s data page (A4 size copy) which are the 1st & the last page of your passport.
• 3 passport pictures according to biometric specifications. Please make sure you carry only the biometric photos.
Kindly approach the photo studio who are expert in this.
• A well-drafted cover letter from an applicant (student) explaining the exact purpose and duration of stay in
• All the documents related to your letter of admission from a German university.
• Kindly carry the proof of payment of study fees, if applicable for your applied German University.
• Proof of language proficiency in English. If you have appeared for IELTS or TOEFL, kindly carry the report card
for either of these exams.
• German language certificate. This is required in case the course you have applied for is taught in German
language. However even though if your course is in the English language, we still recommend you to carry this.
• Kindly carry proof of other academic qualifications.
• Need to carry a document which shows proof of financial means which ensures to cover the costs for the time of
your studies in Germany with either of the following document:

* Confirmation of scholarship/ stipend.
* “Verpflichtungserklärung” (formal obligation letter) by sponsor living in Germany.
* Proof of blocked account with Kotak Mahindra Bank in India or a suitable Bank in Germany in the name of the applicant showing a minimum balance of 8640 Euros. In case you opt for blocked account in Germany the proof needs to include the remark that the account holder can dispose of a monthly amount of 720 Euros.
* Confirmation of an annually renewable bank guarantee from a bank in Germany in the amount of 8640 Euros.

• Carry a travel insurance certificate which shall be covering the period from your departure date to the date of
enrolment at the university (mentioned in your letter of admission). It is approximately 3 months.

Kindly arrange all these documents before the visa interview date & make 2 copies of the above-mentioned list of the document along with the original certificates.

There is a possibility that the embassy might ask some other supporting documents as well apart from the ones you had submitted. Kindly make sure that you do submit those additional documents requested by the embassy within the requested time period.

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Checklist For German Student Visa