Admission documents

Admission documents

Most top schools have a different admission process to select students into their programs. Admission decisions are not formula-driven, but depend on the applicant’s overall profile.The application procedure should be carefully completed with all requested information showing the qualifications that schools request and highlight in their public materials. The admission selection process is highly competitive-with the best candidates competing for a restricted number of school openings.Anything that positively reflects one’s past interests and experiences is a definite plus. Extracurricular activities that are considered a past success should be emphasized.


Documents Required

10 photocopies of Current Resume
10 photocopies of 10th and 12th marksheets and certificates
10 photocopies of Academic Transcripts and Certificates
410 photocopies of Work Experience letters
10 photocopies of Letter of Recommendations
10 photocopies of Statement of Purpose
10 Passport Size Photographs


Most universities ask for a Statement of  Purpose.Most of the students doesn’t take much serious interest in preparing SOP.This document is your chance to talk directly to the admissions committee.Most of the admission officers decide admissions based on SOP.Therefore it is very important to prepare an effective SOP to increase your chances of getting admission.

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