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Application for a Bachelor’s degree in Germany from a public University can be processed in 3 different ways. You will find a brief overview of all the 3 methods below


Pursue a German language Pathway program from Germany. The highlights of Pathway program are:

  • Learn German language from A1 to C2 level.
  • The complete course duration is for 9 months.
  • Accommodations available
  • Appear for the German language exam after the completion of course.
  • Once the exam is cleared you will be admitted to the Studienkolleg of partner public University in Germany.

Benefits: You will receive 2 admission letter, one from the University from where you will learn German & another from the partnered public University from you will be pursuing your Bachelor’s.

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Apply for a studienKolleg in German University for M course, T course, W Course, G Course. The highlights of this process are:

  • You can only apply for a Studienkolleg or a preparatory course after the completion of B1/B2 level German language from India.
  • The preparatory course is for 6 months in most of the Univeristies.
  • The studienkolleg is for 2 semesters.
  • Accommodations available.
  • Appear for the German language exam after the completion of course.
  • The Bachelor’s study will start after the clearing the final exam of Studienkolleg .

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Start your studies from the 1st semester of your Bachelor degree directly without appearing for StudienKolleg. German education system requires a proof of 13 years of education before the commencement of bachelor’s studies. Hence students who have completed higher secondary school and 1st year of University from India can apply directly to bachelors in Germany. The highlights of the process are:

  • Student needs prove the German language proficiency upto C1 level before Bachelor’s.
  • Start your studies directly from 1st Semester.
  • Accommodations assistance.

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Pursue Bachelor’s from Germany by selecting the suitable admission package



45000.00 + GST


60000.00 + GST

University Shortlisting
Applying to a maximum of 10 universities 15 universities
Application Processing
Application Handling
SOP preparation
LOR Writing & Samples
CV editing
Block Account opening support
Travel & health insurance support
Visa Date Booking
Visa Document preparation
Visa Interview Preparation
Visa Mock Interview sessions
Pre-departure briefings
Post-admission assistance
Support & assistance
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The process of enrolment is pretty simple. Just follow these 3 easy steps:

  • Selecting the right package
  • Adding the selected package to the cart and then checking out
  • Completing the process of online payment


You will receive 3 Emails immediately after you place your order. These would include:

  • An invoice copy
  • A welcome Email
  • An orientation session


The most important part of the whole application process is your documents. Missing out even one of the documents affects your complete procedure. Therefore, our support team would help you with the detailed list of documents. The format, number of copies, attestations and notarization requirements would be told about each document.


  • Uni assist fee
  • Courier charges
  • Notary/Attestation charges
  • Any additional charges related to your applications


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1What is the meaning of Studienkolleg?

The German education system demands a proof of 13 years of education before the start of Bachelor’s study. Studienkolleg is considered the 13th year for international applicants.

2 What is a pathway program?

Pathway programs gives you an opportunity to learn German language from Germany itself and hence helps you to get admission in Bachelor’s.

3Which process is ideal to apply immediately after completing higher secondary school?

The best process is to apply through pathway program.

4 Are University application fees or courier fees included in the package?

No application fees or courier fees are included in this package. All the respective application fees and courier fees has to be bear by student.

5 Do get the University list before the applying?

Yes we will share the final shortlisted university with you and shall start the application process only after confirmation form your end.

6 How can I track the progress of my application?

We share complete report of your application status on monthly basis. in addition to that you always email us or call us to discuss about your application status. We would be happy to assist you.

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