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Education in Germany by Rcare
The education in Germany is worldwide recognized for it’s high quality. German universities focus on research and provide world-class research-oriented education. The German government monitors and accredits universities so that students can be certain that their education is of a high standard. Germany is considered as the technology giant and engineering in Germany is one of the best in the world. German Universities are recognized worldwide for their outstanding choices of courses for higher education in Germany.


Studying in Germany requires the graduate degree for all the international students.In Germany there are three different kinds of colleges or Universities.Arts, film or music advanced colleges offer practical education in the artistic subjects. Advanced technical colleges however, cover the scientific and social subjects. They also set value on practical experiences in their education. The third category is the so called university. They offer all different kinds of subjects. Practical experience is an important point as well but the universities are especially famous for their firm theoretical education.


German law says that education should be offered to everyone and everyone should be able to afford adequate education.This is the reason why the public universities do not charge tution fees from the students only a nominal amount of as compared to the private universities which are quite expensive.It is the state government who look after the educational programs and they only organize and as well as finance them.As Germany has state funded educational system they provide free education to thousands of students from all over the world. Students however have to arrange for living expenses & some other miscellaneous expenses.


Students who want to apply for free study in Germany need to meet tough criteria. Due to free education, competition is very high so only serious and competent students get this chance. Almost all main German universities offer courses in both English and German languages.Even though if the students are not fluent in German language then also they can opt for many courses which are in English.There is no barrier of language for education in Germany.We assist all the students with the right to select their own field of interest and for that the German language does not act as a bar.

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