German language

German language

Before taking admission to any of the German universities, you have to be well versed in speaking German language. It is a necessary requirement as majority of the engineering courses taught are in German language, although English is also a medium of teaching. However, if one has to get a work permit in Germany, then knowledge about the German language is a must. We help students to acquire A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2 levels in German Language at our place. We have faculty support that teaches the language to all the aspiring engineering students. After learning the language, you will get better opportunities in terms of learning the engineering courses and working in Germany.


We do not normally entertain applications with less than 65 % academics and more than 3 repeats. If the students are strong in experience and other issues like publishing papers, we might accept these applications. Also in less competitive fields like Civil Engineering there may be flexibility with academics.


IELTS of 6.5 is required by the time, the decision on the application is made. If not at the time of application, it is required by the time application is ready for the admission decision in the German University. This implies that the student can start the application process and then take the IELTS.


Some Universities ask for the Basic German proficiency which needs to be proved by clearing A1 Exam. The certificate is required by the time the decision on the application is made. This again needed by the time application ready for the admission decision in the German University

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