About Us

Rcare is the leading German Education Consultants in New Delhi. We’ve been providing outstanding services to our students to study in Germany for free since 2009. we believe in creating India employable and guiding each aspiring student to attain success.

At Rcare, we go beyond overseas education consultancy; instead, we tend to facilitate our students in building their careers. We pay attention to the students right from selecting the University until the student lands safely at the University and beyond. We guide students to decide on the most appropriate foreign institutions and courses that facilitate students maximize their potential to create a promising career. We additionally offer different services like booking Air Tickets, Health and Travel Insurance and Training For Foreign Entrance Exams.

Our service for free education in Germany is to assist Indian students in pursuing their higher studies in Germany. We provide our services to several colleges/universities and supply seminars to make the students aware of the opportunities watching for them in Germany. We believe in spreading education and enhance the qualities of the people. Our team of specialists guides students to pick the course and university of their choice with correct guidance.

Our mission is to assist each student who is seeking to pursue his/her studies in Germany. Education is the building block of human experience. It’s not simply an integral part of your professional life, however, it greatly influences your overall temperament. Our three-fold mission is that of ‘Mentoring’ the youth of this country to dream, ‘Motivating’ them towards bigger hopes and aspirations and ‘Guiding’ them on the correct track to comprehend those ambitions. We at AEC are with you at each step of the way to create the most effective decisions to reinforce your inherent skills. Rcare has grown not on Advertisements, but totally on the references provided by the successful students and word of mouth has been our promoting strength.

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