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Sample Statement Of Purpose (SOP) for Technical Management

Sop For Technical management

Technical Management in Germany has become an increasingly popular course among international students. The role of technical management is to provide technical expertise and the overall management to plan and manage a stable technical infrastructure to support IT services. To hone such skills, you can pursue masters in Technical management from Germany. SOP letter or Statement of Purpose is the primary document while applying for study abroad. Writing a statement of purpose is an art that includes precise information regarding your motivation, experience, inspiration, goals and achievements. German universities offer many technical management courses at master level. Here in this blog, we will be showing you a sample sop for technical management that can help you in writing the most useful content in your SOP.

Sample Sop for Technical Management 

Note: The following Sop is just a sample and personal details such as educational qualification and university details have been hidden. Your  SOP should be unique and specific. Most of the universities have special essays for different courses, and some of them also require the generic one. Rcare is strongly against plagiarism and requests all students to use this as a reference. Do not copy this content.

In this ever-changing world, the one worthwhile thing is a dream; a thought which drives and motivates us immensely. Sometimes these dreams define people, such as the case of me. As far as I can remember, I have aspired to study abroad and work at international locations, meeting and knowing new people belonging to different cultures and ethnicities and learning from them. These elements along with the magnetism of knowledge have lured me to pursue Technical Management from Germany. 

Unlike the majority of people who do not dare to follow their passion, I took a conscious step towards my goal and chose my subjects wisely. It was my 10th grade when I developed camaraderie with science and its phenomenon’s, which govern our day to day activities. My curiosity drove me to opt for Science as the major subject for the next two years in high school, but I did not want to limit my field of study to just this particular discipline and opted for economics as an elective subject. This was the time when the windows to the world of business and commerce first opened, for me. 

What is the first thing which comes to anyone’s mind when they hear science? In my case, it was machines. With the passion to learn more about these interesting pieces of technology, I enrolled in a (…….Engineering programme for my Bachelor’s Degree )from (The ……….University). There, I was in the company of like-minded people, and it was my journey from being an average teenager with limited knowledge about how things work in the real world, to a matured equipped with bona fide technical skills. 

Activities apart from academia, such as being a part of the sponsorship team of the university’s annual cultural festival gave the experience of managing people and situations. We had to interact with people in the business world, to raise the funds for the event. As we reached out to the biggest companies and proposed to them our unique ideas for the customized advertisement of their products or brands in return for sponsorship funds, we developed a fair idea of how marketing is done. 

While doing so, most importantly, I learned how to work in a team and to achieve a common goal, imbibed the basics of project management and also time management. Being that focussed as a team, it was not a surprise for me when we managed to raise more funds than the budget of the event, which acted as a buffer. This experience motivated me to participate in more such events and helped me explore my passion for managing projects, whether academic or extracurricular, apprehending how business firms function. Our success in these events made me a firm believer of the fact that people with the right mindset can achieve whatever they want to, with perseverance and determination. 

My father always said that we should express our gratitude towards the society, of which we are an inherent part, in the form of providing donations social causes or volunteering for them. Keeping this thought in mind, I volunteered for a couple of events, which made me more humble. At the blood donation camp by an NGO called (“……………”), I not only took part in organizing the event but also motivated my fellow students to donate blood, by making them aware of the ideology that in Indian culture, blood donation is considered to be the greatest form of donation. As a result, more than 70% of the batch showed up for the donation. Subsequently, I volunteered for a Mini Marathon, which was an initiative by an NGO called (“…………….”) organized with the support of city police, for raising awareness about Gender Equality and Women Empowerment. Here, I led two teams of 10 volunteers each, wherein one team was responsible for supplying refreshments to the participants and the other took care of their security and first aid. I was highly appreciated for my team building, leading and management skills, by my teammates and other participants. 

To strengthen my business acumen, I have now joined a (………….firm) which is part of a group having revenue over (..$ Billion), as a ‘Business Development Consultant, for their industrial vertical. My role here includes research regarding the market landscape, lead generation and conversion and preparing research documents on companies and the market trends for the concerned sub-sector. After sharpening my skills I moved to a significantly smaller organisation which deals in car rental business (Mostly B to B) this allowed me to apply what I learned in the previous organisation and perform tasks much more independently, this also allowed me to take the know-how of a logistics business which deals with all the international clients have bases locally. I am thus successfully collating insights into the corporate work culture and business ethics, while dealing with important clients has profoundly improved my business development techniques. 

No doubt, Germany is renowned as the best destination for education in the fraternity of foreign students, as the quality of education and the welcoming nature of the local people attracts students from around the globe. Other than the quality of education, its natural beauty, magnificent architecture and food choices lure tourists from around the world, making it a global village, which embraces different cultures. Unwinding by admiring the beauty and architecture and eating delicious food are perhaps the biggest perks of studying and living in this country. 

My decision to pursue a higher education degree from an esteemed German institution, such as(……………) is based on many factors. I am a firm believer of the fact, that if one has to do something, one should rather do it well. The education system being highly renowned all over the world was thus the obvious choice for pursuing a technical management degree. I chose(……………), because being in the list of the best universities in the world; the institution speaks for the highly renowned education system. The vast range of academic options, the highly experienced faculty and the proximity to cosmopolitan cities of the EU have attracted me to this university. 

After the completion of the Technical Management, I wish to gain some professional experience by perusing an internship in the highly developed German metropolitans. After doing so, I plan to return to my home country to start my business venture. I believe that pursuing the(….. Technical Management program)  at your acclaimed and esteemed institution will educate me thoroughly in this field and hence would enable me to perform efficiently and in a well-managed manner, to realize my goals. I promise to be an industrious and focussed student and aim at being known amongst the most successful alumni. I hereby request you to kindly accept my application for admission, offering me this one of a kind opportunity. 

Yours Sincerely, 

Name of the student

Rcare Overseas education helps students apply to more than 400+ Government universities with low tuition fees in Europe. We also provide complete assistance in application documents preparations including Statement of purpose/motivation letter, drafting letter of recommendation, curriculum vitae (with respect to university guidelines) & profile evaluation to ensure 100% admission guarantee from European universities.Contact our experts to get any of the above mentioned services.

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Study MBBS in Germany for free(Top medical universities)

Study MBBS In Germany

Germany boosts of a profound health care system which is highly regarded across the globe. It offers a world-class education infrastructure in the study of medicine. Pursuing MBBS in Germany has become an increasingly popular study destination for enthusiast’s medical student outside the EU. Lately, in the last 3- 4 years Germany has gained huge popularity among Indian students & it has emerged as a new favourite study abroad country.

So what led to this popularity of studying MBBS in Germany among Indian students?

  • Germany offers an affordable education system which is also marketed as free education. The German public universities charge a small amount of semester contribution (semester fees) which is nominal enough to be easily afforded by the deserving students.
  • Study of MBBS in India is very expensive. The medical universities in India charge enormous fees.
  • Cut throat competition to get a seat in a government medical university in India. 
  • Germany boasts of a renowned health care system in the world and has some of the oldest universities teaching MBBS program.
  • Practical oriental and simulation-based study approach in German universities offers you enough hands-on experience that paves the path to your employment opportunities in Germany.

Being part of such an esteemed and globally appreciated medical & health care system demands a systematic and competitive approach for admission. You can watch a complete overview of the application process for MBBS in Germany in this video below:


How many years does it take to complete MBBS in Germany?

Study of medicine or MBBS in Germany is taught only in Germany language.  Hence before you start your studies it is mandatory to acquire German language skills. In addition to that starting, an MBBS degree in Germany is only possible if you have a higher school education certificate equivalent to German abitur. Majority of the Indian school examination boards are not equivalent to German abitur except in some cases with boards like IB. Hence after completing 12th from India you need to join M-studienkollege in Germany for a duration of 1 year and it concludes with the final assessment test of “Feststellungsprüfung” (FSP). It is only after you successfully complete the assessment test you can start the 1st year of your MBBS study in German public universities. Study of medicine in Germany is divided into 4 stages:

  • Pre-Clinical phase – The 1st phase of MBBS studies is for four semesters which is called as pre-clinical phase. Apart from the study, it is mandatory to complete the first aid training and 90 days of nursing service in this phase. It concludes with the 1st phase of medical examinations.


  • Clinical Phase – This phase comprises of 6 semesters. This phase involves studies of internal medicine, propaedeutics, surgical subjects, nervous and sensory systems, internships and general medicine. This concludes with the second phase of medical examination


  • Practical year – The third phase of MBBS study is focused on bedside training.  After the completion of pre-clinical phase and clinical phase the university entrusts the students with the responsibility of taking care of the patients under the guidance of the faculties. This phase consists of 2 semester’s. It generally includes a mandatory 16 weeks each of bedside clinical training in internal medicine, surgery and an elective subject. This concludes with the third phase of medical examination.


  • State examination – State examination or approbation (regulation of the licensing of doctors) takes place in 3 stages. The 1st exam is after the completion of pre-clinical phase. The 2nd exam after the completion of clinical phase. The 3rd exam after the completion of practical year. After successfully completion of this exam the student can earn the medical license in Germany to start the practice. 

Hence the total number of study years for MBBS in Germany is:

1 yr studienkollege + 2 yr pre-clinical phase + 3 year clinical phase + 1 yr practical year + state exam (within 1-3 months post practical year) = Approximately 7 year & 2/3 months


How much does it cost to study MBBS in Germany?

The cost of studying MBBS in Germany is very nominal as compared to any other developed country or even less than studying MBBS in India. Since the German public universities are state-funded hence the student doesn’t have to pay tuition fees however there is a small amount of semester contribution that is charged which approximately varies between 100-500 Euros/semester (INR 8000- INR 40000) as per university norms.  Click on the video to know the monthly living expenditure in Germany for students.


Top medical universities in Germany


  • Heidelberg University (Ruprecht Karl University of Heidelberg

Heidelberg University Germany

Heidelberg University is a public research university, its medical faculty is one of the oldest medical faculties in Germany. The university was established in the year 1386. Heidelberg is the German excellence university. Heidelberg University is also recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI).


  • Tübingen University   

University of tubingen


The University of Tubingen is one of the 11 German Excellence universities. This university was founded in the year 1477 and offering excellent education for over 500 years now.


  • RWTH Aachen University 

RWTH Aachen University

RWTH Aachen is an open research public university and it is the most renowned university in entire Europe. The university was established in the year 1870 and since then it has been offering excellent educational programs. Presently the university consists of approximately 45,628 national and international students.


  • Humboldt University Of Berlin 

Humoldt University Germany

Humboldt is a public university located in the capital city of Germany, Berlin. It was established in the year 1801 that makes it the oldest of Berlin’s 4 universities. The university offers excellent courses in the field of medicine. The Humboldt University of Berlin presently has over 35000 students. 


  • Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg 

OVGU Magdeberg

         The University was founded in the year 1993 and it is one of the youngest universities in Germany. The medical           education of Magdeburg is well known for its excellence. 


  • Lübeck University 

Unversity Of Lubeck

 The University of Lübeck is a research university in northern Germany which focuses entirely on Medicine & Sciences with applications in medicine. The university was established in the year 1964.  It offers professional degrees and doctoral degrees in medicine and Bachelor, Master and doctoral degrees.  In 2006, 2009 and 2016, the University of Lübeck was ranked No. 1 in medicine among all universities in Germany.

  •  Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich 

LMU Munich

LMU is one of Europe’s premier academic and research institution. Established in the year 1472 as University Of Ingolstadt, It is also Germany’s 6th oldest university. Its medical centre is the most prestigious and largest institution of this kind in Germany. The university’s current world university ranking is 32. 



German public universities are considered as the best educational institution in the world & studying MBBS from such emphatic institutions is a stepping stone towards a successful career in the field of medicine. At Rcare overseas education, we offer complete education guidance related to study in Germany by assisting them with admission for pursuing MBBS in Germany and also prepares them in learning the German language. Please contact us at 01147940068 for admission related queries to MBBS in Germany or email us at [email protected]







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Sample SOP For MBA universities

Sop for mba universities

Are you also facing a challenge in how to write the best  Sop for MBA? Read this blog carefully to get the most out of it. If you are planning to pursue an MBA from Germany or any other European country, the very first and foremost document you need to write is a good Statement of Purpose for an MBA(SOP).

You need to submit a statement of purpose at the time of applying to any particular university for higher education.  A Sop letter is a sort of letter that speaks to the university on behalf of you and answers questions such as why you are perfectly fit for the course and the university, why do you want to study at this particular university in that country, what are your short term and long term goals in a detailed fashion. We will be showing a sample statement of purpose for masters later in this blog.

Your SOP should be unique and impressive at the same time. Here to gain insights on how to write an impressive one, kindly have a look on this Statement of Purpose Sample.

Sample SOP For MBA

Note: The following Sop is just a sample and personal details such as educational qualification and university details have been hidden. Your  SOP should be unique and specific. Most of the universities have special essays for the MBA course, and some of them also require the generic one. Rcare is strongly against plagiarism and requests all students to use this as a reference. Do not copy this content.

Studying for a course related to operations in businesses requires a certain determination and strength of character. In recent years, the business world has become rapidly integrated across once restricting borders, and anyone with high goals in the business world must have an international perspective and be aware of the realities of different international arenas. I am fortunate to have a diverse background both academically and professionally which has exposed me to different peoples, cultures, and languages. As a native of India, I am familiar with the increasingly important markets of this region, and as such, I am thoroughly prepared for the demands and challenges presented by undertaking study in the master’s program at your institution.

Ever since I attended the first industrial visit during my 3rd year of Bachelors at (XYZ firm) I have nurtured a dream of becoming a part of the top-level management team of a firm. The dream I nurtured during my graduation has grown with me, and to make this a reality I intend to pursue (MBA)(Stream Of MBA) from your esteemed University.

Early in my life, at the high-school level, I learnt the value of hard work and perseverance. This led me to secure good marks in my higher-secondary examination. Later on, this served as a foundation for my studies in( Bachelors in

………….) at (…………………. institute ) India. I have completed my Bachelor’s degree with this ( ..%), during my internship, I had worked on the various project such as

  •  Project on ‘Marketing Strategies of …………….’.
  •  Project on ‘Taxation Services provided by a CA firm’.

Apart from the internship, I have relevant (no.of months/years )  of work experience in  this (Domain Name) at (ABC Firm)

Apart from being engrossed in the study, I am also an active participant in cultural, education & sports activities at my college & outside as well. Some of my notable works are:

  •  Organized college-level functions and sports events.
  • Participated in inter-college competitions.
  • Member of the event organizing committee.

If given the opportunity to join your Master’s program in International Management program, I will be able to utilize my extensive background in Business studies, while learning additional skills and techniques that will be greatly beneficial to my future career development. I hope to use my skills and background to learn more about business, management & marketing. I am eager to explore this field in the presence of the esteemed professors at your university. My decision to focus on business as a graduate and to explore core functions and cross-operational perspectives post this has equipped me with a unique set of strengths to offer this program. Although I have identified several possible areas of specializations through prior studies, I look forward to contributing my fresh perspective on all subjects.


I want to go to Germany because( the University Of ………….) offers excellent teaching and research & they rank among the best in the world. It is highly respected by employers worldwide. The time devoted to practical teaching helps the students in learning and understanding the concepts with ease and also provides them with first-hand experience of how things work. I also feel that interacting with students, not only from Germany but from other countries as well will help me in sharing ideas and experiences. I also feel that the opportunities provided would help me prove myself and exhibit my potential to the fullest.


I would like to thank you for letting me express myself today & I would hope to get admission in your University. 


Yours Sincerely

Name Of the student

Rcare Overseas education helps students apply to more than 400+ Government universities with low tuition fees in Europe. We also provide complete assistance in application documents preparations including Statement of purpose/motivation letter, drafting letter of recommendation, curriculum vitae (with respect to university guidelines) & profile evaluation to ensure 100% admission guarantee from European universities.Contact our experts to get any of the above mentioned services.

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Document Checklist for Spouse Visa Germany

Spouse Visa in Germany

Germany has become one of the latest ideal destinations for immigrants from India and other Asian countries. The lucrative job opportunities offered by the German employer attracts lakhs of candidates every year to migrate to Germany under job seeker or employment visa. Staying in abroad, away from your family can be stressful at times especially for those who are married. Hence the Spouse visa Germany was initiated by German embassy which allows the spouse and children from India to visit their German spouse or a parent working in Germany.

The spouse visa Germany is often referred as a family reunion visa in which the spouse living in India can apply for a family reunion (spouse visa Germany) from the German consulate in India as per his/her jurisdiction. It takes approximately 2 to 3 months for the visa to be approved by the German embassy from the date of your visa interview.

The major advantage of Family reunion (spouse visa) or Spouse visa Germany over a regular Schengen visa (tourist visa for Germany) is the duration of your stay in Germany. The tourist visa is granted for a maximum time period of 3 months while the family reunion visa can be granted for more than a year as it comes under the German national visa category.

In order to apply for family reunion visa successfully, you need to make sure that you follow the German embassy spouse visa checklist properly. All the documents need to be prepared as per the checklist as any missing document can lead to visa rejection.

You can watch our video on Spouse Visa for Germany to know more about eligibility criteria & complete visa process for application to spouse visa in Germany & also information related to the documents required for a spouse visa in Germany.

Learn more about Spouse visa or family reunion visa in German

There are few special arrangements needs to be done by the spouse living in Germany such as a certificate of residence before the spouse living in India can apply for family reunion visa. We advise you to kindly go through the checklist mentioned below thoroughly 

Document checklist for Spouse Visa Germany or Family Reunion Visa for Germany:

Since processing your application may take some time so here we recommend you to collect all the given documents well in advance. Failure to do so may result in visa rejection.  

  1. Valid Passport

        2. Application form, declarations form and contact information form duly filled signed

        3. Personal covering letter explaining the exact purpose and duration of stay.

        4. Copy of all pages of your spouse’s passport (A4 size copy)

        5. Certificate of residence (“Meldebescheinigung”) of the spouse living in Germany, not                  older than 6 months

       6. Copy of spouse’s residence permit (“Aufenthaltstitel”), if applicable

       7. Proof of marriage

        8. Birth certificate of the applicant

        9. School certificate along with 10th & 12th mark sheets

       10. Proof of Residence in India: Aadhaar Card or Ration card of the applicant covering the past 4  years or Voter’s ID

      11. Divorce judgement and decree of all former marriages of both spouses, if applicable, German divorce judgement with “Rechtskraftvermerk”, which confirms that the judgment is final

      12. Academic degree certificate, if applicable

      13. Proof of German knowledge (A1 level) issued from Maxmuller Bhawan.

      14. Only if the spouse is an EU citizen (except German citizen): a copy of the valid employment contract and salary slips of the last three months of the spouse living in Germany

     15. Only if the spouse is an EU citizen (except German citizen): a copy of the lease agreement for accommodation in Germany

    16. 4 passport pictures, not older than 6 months

     17. Fee for verification of documents, unless all documents have been verified before.  The verification procedure will be initiated and carried out by the Embassy or the locally competent Consulate. The process of verification takes between 8 to 12 weeks. Submission of the above-mentioned documents does not guarantee that a visa will be granted.


Submission of incomplete documentation or refusal to appear for a visa interview will delay your application and may result in the rejection of your application.    

Rcare Overseas education helps students apply to more than 400+ Government universities with low tuition fees in Europe. We also provide complete assistance in application documents preparations including Statement of purpose/motivation letter,  curriculum vitae (with respect to university guidelines) ,profile evaluation to ensure 100% admission guarantee from European universities.We also provide assistance in student or family reunion visa for Germany. Contact us to get any such services.

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SOP(Statement Of Purpose) for MBBS in Germany

How to write SOP for MBBS in Germany

‘How to write Sop for MBBS in Germany?’ The question that comes in every student’s mind when applying to German universities. Statement of Purpose is the first thing that you will be writing when you are applying to different universities in Germany. You need to understand what information you should write in your SOP. In this blog , we talk about how to write sop for Mbbs in Germany.

Writing a statement of purpose needs utmost clarity, an ambiguous and lengthy SOP will affect your application process. We will be showing a sample sop for German universities later in this blog.

Some of the questions that you should ask yourself before writing a Sop are:

  • Why have you chosen Germany for MBBS?
  • What are your short terms and long terms goals?
  • What have you done so far to achieve these goals?

You can follow the given statement of purpose template and start writing sop for Germany.

Sample SOP for MBBS In Germany:

In recent years, the medical world has changed from classroom training to Simulation-based training. I believe MBBS is not just a degree but a platform to help the world in the best possible direction. The words which constantly inspires me are “If you are not making someone else’s life better, then you’re wasting your time. Your life will become better by making others lives better.” During my school days unlike other kids of my age, I used to play virtual surgery simulation games. Although it was a simulation, the fact that I could save someone’s life made me proud of myself. I have decided that further study would be useful in developing my career potential, providing me with greater opportunities for future success. I wish to reach out to all the people who are deprived of medical services.

Studying my bachelors in Germany would be like a dream come true. I chose to pursue medicine from Germany because it would be a great platform from where I can initiate building the blocks for my dream job as it would help me gain a reputed recognition, a plethora of experience, enhanced skills & insights of the most technical friendly work environment to practice my education. Germany stands in the pinnacle of European countries when it comes to education as they which is why it makes Germany as an ideal study destination for aspiring students like me to pursue higher studies. Studying in Deutschland would provide me with a great opportunity to prove myself a considerable candidate in my field of interest.

I completed my SSE in (the year) with (….%) and HSE in (the year) and received the certificate of merit. I qualified ( …………… exam) with ( this rank …..), the most prestigious and toughest medical entrance exams of India. I received a Certificate of Excellence for (……….Challenge). I got State Rank(……….) in (this exam…….) Apart from studies, I secured 1st position and Gold Medalist in Dance competition by (……..State Council ) for Child Welfare. I have been participating in various olympiads throughout my school days like OLYMPIAD 1, received a certificate of Excellence and Bronze medal, OLYMPIAD 2OLYMPIAD3 

YOUR UNIVERSITY being one of the best colleges in medical education will be ideal for me to earn an MBBS, supplementing my previous education perfectly.  I feel that international education will equip me with the skills to work with international hospitals and medical services. After earning an MBBS and gaining serious experience I believe that I will be ready to take the next step towards the specialization. 

I consider myself as an ideal candidate for pursuing medicine as I have a very well understanding of the other person’s need. I have a strong capability to empathize to what the people need, their problems as well as their circumstances. In addition to this, I have a strong sense of problem-solving. This quality will surely help me while handling complications in any medical case and also in day to day life. I possess bodily-kinesthetic and logical-mathematical intelligence, both of which provide me to control my hand and eye co-ordination and solve each and every problem in the best way possible. 

My goals have always been my first priority and will always be. I hence look forward to the favourable consideration of my candidature.

Yours Sincerely 

Name of the Student


We hope after reading this blog carefully, you might have gained some insights on How to write SOP for MBBS in Germany.

NOTE: As said earlier, an SOP should be unique, original and innovative. This is just a sample to make you understand what you should write in yours. The following Sop is just a sample and personal details such as educational qualification and university details have been hidden. Rcare is strongly against plagiarism and requests all students to use this as a reference. Do not copy this content.



Rcare Overseas education helps students apply to more than 400+ Government universities with low tuition fees in Europe. We also provide complete assistance in application documents preparations including Statement of purpose/motivation letter, drafting letter of recommendation, curriculum vitae (with respect to university guidelines) & profile evaluation to ensure 100% admission guarantee from European universities.



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How to Apply for Masters Of data Science in Germany

Data scientist is considered to be one of the most satisfying and highly paid careers around the world in the 21st century. Because of the huge demand of data scientists and data analytics professionals around the world, many students and working professionals are now planning to pursue a degree in Data Science. Pursuing a Master’s in Data Science enhances your skills and enables you to take up study modules that comprise of tools and platforms being used across the industry to collect, process, analyse and generate results on the basis of the data.

Cities like Berlin & Hamburg are now called as the start-up hub of Europe where thousands of start-ups are registering every month. Today we are living in the digital age and most of the business or evolving companies depends on data to make important business decisions, plan marketing campaigns to grow their business after analysing Data. Apart from being the world leader in the mechanical industry from years, Germany now has become an IT hub too. There are lakhs of job opportunities available for upcoming students and working professionals from all across the globe to work in Germany and pursue their career in IT industry.

In this article we would like to highlight the scope of data science in Germany, pursuing a Master’s in Data Sience in Germany and also the admission requirements to pursue a Master’s of Data Science in Germany. We all know Germany has become one of the topmost study destinations for Indians. Every year nearly 80k students are going to Germany for their higher studies. The major reasons behind this increase of the students applying for a place in German universities are:

  • Germany has more than 400 public Universities with over 17000-degree options.
  • German public universities charge a small negligible amount of semester fees from the international students. Except for some universities in which Tuition fees up to Euros 1500/semester have been applied.
  • Germany is an ideal destination to look for job post studies. The average salary of skilled workers in Germany is approximately Euros 40000/ annually. There is a huge demand for IT candidates and skilled workers.
  • Germany offers to stay back option of 18 months post studies which is valid for both Bachelor’s and master’s students. This is a good enough time for focused candidates to find a job in Germany.
  • You get to study in some of the top educational systems of the world. The competition in German universities is so high that the University rankings don’t play a big role in fetching you a job. Hence getting an admission in any of the Public Universities in Germany is always an achievement. 


Out so many courses available in Germany for students with an engineering background, courses related to computers & Information Technology are the 2nd most demanding courses. Mechanical engineering and its relevant courses are the first ones. Data science has now emerged as one of the most after course amongst Indian students and the application for pursuing this course from Germany has increased tremendously. The sheer demand for jobs around data science and data analytics has become a need of the hour not only in Germany but most of the other developed Schengen countries of Europe. Studying in Germany opens the door for students to apply for jobs in any of the Schengen countries after completing studies from Germany.

What is an ideal profile to get admission to public Universities in Germany? 

We have already mentioned the scope of job opportunities in Germany and the benefits of pursuing a course in Data Science in Germany. So what should be an ideal profile to get admission? You will find below all the important points related to the application and requirements:

  • Your Bachelor’s degree – Any student with a bachelor’s degree of 3 or 4 years of study in India in a course related to computer studies or statistics is the most suitable candidate for Master’s study related to Data Science. However, the credit points of subjects related to computers, mathematics and statistics play a very important role in admission.
  • Marks in Bachelor’s – Most of the German public universities have mandatory requirements of 2.5 German grades which are almost equivalent to 70% in Indian marks. Anything above 70% increases your chances of getting admission in Germany universities. However there many other factors being considered by Universities before shortlisting the final selected students.
  • English proficiency exam – Majority of the German public universities accepts IELTS, TOEFL & PTE. The most commonly attended by most Indian students are IELTS & TOEFL.

An ideal score IELTS is 6.5, which is being accepted by more than 85% of German universities. A few asks for 7 overall and few are ok with 6, 5.5 overall.

An ideal score in TOEFL is 90+ out of 120.

Students who are not able to give any of these exams also have a slight hope as a few universities are ok with proof of medium of your previous studies taught in English.

  • Work experience & Internships – Work experience plays a very important role for those candidates who belong to different engineering background yet are willing to pursue Masters in Data Science. As the candidates with a study background in Mechanical, electronic or other fields of studies doesn’t have credit points related to computers hence it becomes difficult for them to get accepted in German public universities. It is therefore strongly recommended that these candidates should have a minimum of 1 to 2 years of work experience in the field of data science or IT. Those candidates with study background in computers and relevant experience in their resume shall always be given higher preferences.


As for internships, it is strongly advisable to take up internships in companies related to your field of study keeping in mind your future goals.

    • GRE/GATE – GRE is not mandatory in all German universities, in fact, it is being asked in only a handful of German universities. A good GRE score is anything above 300. However, since the competition in German universities is so high that adding a few extra certificates and exams in your resume shall certainly enhance your profile.
    • German language proficiency – Even though if you are applying to English taught programs in German public Universities yet many of them have a mandatory requirement of German language proficiency up to A1 or A2 level. Hence we strongly recommend you to connect with us to start your German language online class without a delay.


Apart from all the major requirements mentioned above, a good Statement of purpose (SOP), a strong letter of recommendations also plays a major part in the selection. In the above video, you will find more information about the Data science courses options available and also the scope of pursuing data science in Germany from a private university. 

At Rcare, we offer 100% admission guarantee for all our registered students. You can always connect with us by writing an email at [email protected] or call us at 01147940068 for availing our admission services for Germany. 

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Application Update For Winter Intake 2020 in German Universities

Germany is one of the most ideal studies abroad destination across the world for Indian students. We have been assisting students from all fields of study to apply Bachelors in Germany, Masters in Germany or PhD in Germany for many years now. However, because of the current pandemic, the situation raised from the Coronavirus outbreak has left the whole world in shock, despair and lockdown. Amongst this havoc, there are millions of students who are left with unresolved queries and hanging future. We have been interacting with a lot of universities in Germany and the students who are already there in Germany to know about the exact situation and the Universities guidelines. Some of the most important updates related to applications for winter 2020 are mentioned below:

  • The application for winter 2020 intake has already started – We want to assure all the aspiring students that German Universities have not stopped their application process. All the applicants planning to apply for Master’s or Bachelor’s can still apply to the shortlisted universities without any hassle.


  • Deadline for winter application is extended – Yes many universities have indeed extended their application deadlines. However, there are few Universities which are already closed like TUHH RWTH Aachen (the majority of courses) which had their deadline on 1st March 2020. Nonetheless, you still have the chance to apply for over 85% of German public Universities. In normal circumstance, the application deadlines end on 15th July for many Universities which might also get extended for this winter intake 2020.


  • Exemption from IELTS/TOEFL/German language proficiency exams – As understood that most of the German public Universities have mandatory requirements to submit English proficiency test results and German language proficiency certificates. However, a bulk of the students are not able to appear for these exams because of the pandemic hence many German universities are offering an extended grace time to submit these documents later on.


  • No hard copies required for completing the application – As state by almost all the German public universities and uni-assist that the submission of the mandatory hard copies of the application documents can be submitted later on once the international logistics starts. Hence you can apply online with all your documents without being bothered by rejection based on an incomplete application.

* Remember that all the documents need to be submitted as soon as the international logistics reopens.

You can also watch this video to resolve all your doubts concerned with the application status for winter intake 2020.


We strongly recommend all the students who are planning to study in Germany not to shy away from applying to their dream Universities in Germany. Don’t let the lockdown or the pandemic ruin your plans. At Rcare Overseas education we are working round the clock to successfully process the application for all the students’ enrolled with us.

If you are planning to study bachelor’s in Germany, you can check the overview of our services at and master’s applicant can check at

For more information related to studies in Germany call us at 01147940068 or email us at [email protected]

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How To Get Germany Student Visa Appointment

Once you get the admission letter from a German university, the next step is to apply for a Germany student visa to the German embassy/consulate of your jurisdiction, you can also take visa appointment at VFS as well however please make sure to check the visa category before booking your appointment. This article features information about the most common visa category for Germany i.e Long term student visa, Germany visa requirements for students, Student visa checklist for Germany, Language student visa Germany and most frequently asked student visa interview questions.


STUDENT VISA-- Every year almost 80,000 Indian students are applying for a study visa in Germany. Since German Universities offer free education, it has become one of the most sought after study destination for Indians. Study visa comes under national visa category. The German universities offer 2 types of admission letters:

  • Conditional admission letter
  • Unconditional admission letter

Students who hold the conditional admission letter cannot book a visa appointment in VFS they have to take a visa appointment only at a German consulate that comes under their jurisdiction. Whereas students who hold an unconditional admission letter from a German University can book their visa appointment from either German consulate or from VFS


STUDENT VISA CHECKLISTWhile applying for your student visa, you need to make sure that all your documents are ready as per the checklist issues by German consulate of your jurisdiction. Please watch this video to see the mandatory documents for student visa checklist

Student Visa Checklist For Germany

The visa interview at VFS is based only on the submission of your visa documents & biometrics. However, if you are going for the interview at German consulate then you should definitely be well prepared with the most frequently asked visa interview questions. The German consulate officers might ask you the questions orally or can also ask you to write a set of questions.
Please watch this video to know the most commonly asked student visa interview questions

Frequently Asked Study Visa Interview Questions by German Embassy

 LANGUAGE VISA Many students & working professionals prefer going to Germany to learn the German language. The visa application for language visa comes under long term visa category. The language visa can be extended to 1 year of stay in Germany without the intent of subsequent higher studies.

Students who are going to Germany to pursue their Bachelor’s or Master’s after learning German language from Germany itself should keep in mind that if the university from where they have received the conditional admission letter for studying German language either from the same university or from any private institute should not apply for language visa at all. They are anyhow eligible to directly apply for a student visa.
Language visa is for those candidates who wish to only learn the German language and come back to their native country


LANGUAGE VISA CHECKLISTThe checklist for language visa is almost similar to a student visa. Instead of University admission letter, you need to submit the admission letter from the German institute.
You can book a visa appointment for a German consulate or at VFS as well through VFS global Germany. You can call VFS to know about your correct visa category and visa appointment dates availability. Here is the VFS landline no. 022-67866013, and this is the link VFS .

For every location, there is different procedure be it Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai or Kolkata. Whichever consulates you apply to make it sure that you should have been staying in that region a minimum for the last 6 months. It is very important to book your visa slot at least 5-6 months before as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore embassy dates are very difficult to take due to the fact that many Indians are moving to Germany for better education and career prospects.

We at Rcare Overseas Education offer complete visa assistance services that include:

  • Visa appointment (German consulate or VFS)
  • Visa document preparation
  • Visa Interview preparation
  • Block account opening assistance
  • Accommodation assistance in Germany


We also assist student with urgent visa appointment.
For any further query, you can fill this form given at our contact us page, our counsellors will contact you within 48hrs and help you out with all your queries.

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How to apply for master’s in germany

There are a lot of study options available for Indian students to pursue their Masters across the globe nowadays which makes the selection of the perfect study destinations a thoughtful process.  One of the most favourable study destinations for Indians to pursue Masters in Germany. It offers great study and work prospects.  Germany offers a world-class education system& treats with competitive global exposure & advanced study culture. German Universities offer a range of Master’s courses in the field of engineering, business & finance, law & economics, language studies, media & journalism, arts and medicine.  Although a bulk of courses available in Germany are taught in their native language, German however you can pursue your master’s degree in Germany in the English language too. There are many masters’ courses available in English language, making it convenient for the foreign students to choose the University that offers their preferred course

Affordable cost of studying and living, skill-based education and focus on holistic development makes Germany the perfect place for students willing to pursue master’s courses. Germany’s higher education system involves two types of universities:

  • Public universities (state-controlled)
  • Private universities (independent)

The tuition fees in public universities are very less as compared to private universities. Pursuing higher studies in Germany in private universities is an expensive affair, so it’s always better to compare and analyze the course and the quality (and type) of university before applying in such Universities

Procedure to apply for Masters in Germany



The most important step before applying at a German university is deciding your course preference and career goals. There are various masters’ programs offered by German universities from which you need to identify the ones that suit your interest and educational background. You can also opt for a course that is more demanding giving the current market & job perspective. Some important points that can be kept in mind are location of the university, tuition fees, ranking etc.


After finalizing the course and university, you need to check the eligibility criteria for application. Generally, these things are mentioned on the official websites of the respective universities and may vary from university to university.


It’s important to be fluent in English or German to be able to get admission in the German universities. This helps you to communicate and understand whatever is taught in the classes. At the master level, a lot of courses are generally taught in English language (partially or completely) these days, giving you more options for shortlisting the perfect course. However, the language proficiency level required to apply for MS in Germany varies according to the university, course and exam. It is important to appear for the IELTS exam as it is mandatory for application process for Masters in Germany. Some Universities might even ask for a German language certificate of A1 or A2 level.


After gathering the required documents, the next step is to submit your application for the master’s course. The application can be submitted online by filling the complete application form along with required documents.  In most of German Universities, the application process is handled by third-party government body UNI-ASSIST.  A personal account can be created on this and then you can choose your preferred master’s course. The scanned documents can also be uploaded here. However, some German universities have their own application form, the information about which can be obtained from their official websites.


One needs to wait and let the university finish its part of the process after submitting the application. The processing of application can take several weeks.


Regardless of citizenship, every person is obliged to be health insured in Germany. Cover this stage much before your university confirms your seat in the master’s course. This step would save your time during Visa application process.


According to the German government’s estimations, a foreign student who wishes to study in Germany should have at least €720 per month or €8,640 per year in his/her bank account which is also referred as the opening of block account. Your student visa will be rejected if you fail to submit your blocked account during the visa interview.


The final step for a non-EU and non-EEA international student is to get a visa so that you are allowed to study in Germany. After completion of all the above steps, one must go to the German embassy in your country for collecting the information and initiating the student visa for Germany.

The timing plays a very important role because the processing of your student visa application might take long which might exceed the enrollment deadline and the starting of your course in Germany.

Guidelines for successful month wise application for Masters in Germany

We help students with all the application process & offer a 100% successful visa rate. We also assist student with urgent visa appointment.
For any further query, you can fill this form given at our contact us page, our counsellors will contact you within 48hrs and help you out with all your queries.


Call us at 01147940068 to know more.

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Document Checklist for German Job Seeker Visa

Germany has gained huge fame amongst the students and the job aspirants in recent years. It is the largest economy in Europe and has a significant German-language presence throughout the European region. Germany has fast-growing industries which need skilled labour, making it a good opportunity for candidates who are STEM graduates. The STEM stands for Science Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

The German Job Seeker Visa gives you an opportunity to search for a job in Germany during our stay there. It is basically a long-term residence permit in Germany for people wanting a job. You can move to Germany for 6 months and look for the most suitable job for yourself and if it fits you, then you may continue with that. The validity of this visa is generally for 6 months, which is a good time period for searching a decent job matching your profile. After finding the job, you need to convert this job seeker visa into work visa in Germany so that you work and live in Germany as an immigrant. The noteworthy thing about the job seeker visa is that it doesn’t allow you to start working in Germany immediately. It only enables you to stay in Germany and look for a job. Below are some important guidelines about the eligibility and requirements for this visa.


You need to fulfil the following conditions if you wish to be eligible to apply for the job seeker visa:

  • A Bachelor of Master’s Degree equivalent to a German University Degree is a must.
  • 5 years of experience in your field of study is essential.
  • You have to show proof of enough funds to support your stay in Germany.
  • You need to get medical insurance to stay in Germany till the time you get your Work Permit or for the complete period.

Documents Required

After you confirm your eligibility, you need to gather the various documents essential to support your application for the visa. These documents work as an assurance for the immigration officers. You must attach the most accurate set of documents to assure a smooth process. The required documents along with the German job seeker visa application are as follows:

  • Valid passport.
  • Visa Application form.
  • A4 size copy of your passport’s data page.
  • 3 passport size pictures according to biometric specifications.
  • Cover letter.
  • Proof of educational qualification.
  • Your resume.
  • Proof of accommodation in Germany.
  • Proof of financial resources/funds.
  • Bank account statement as proof that you can support your stay in Germany.
  • Obligation letter from a sponsor (if any) in Germany is needed
  • Documents regarding your personal status proof in your home country (like birth certificate, Aadhar card, marriage certificate etc. with English translation)
  • Health Insurance proof

The submission of the above-mentioned documents alone does not guarantee the approval of your job seeker visa. It majorly depends on the accuracy & valid documents that you submitted. If the documents and the reason for your visit to Germany are well prepared then only your visa application would be approved. After the document submission, an interview will be scheduled with the immigration officer. It will be a tough task to attain a visa easily. So, it’s really important that the documents, the interview, the background check and the application form are as per the requirement.

We recommend you to carry cash of Rs.40000 during your interview which will be submitted to the embassy as part of the document verification process. You have to prepare two application sets with the above-mentioned documents and also bring your original certificates along. However, additional documents can be asked during the process, especially for certain professionals like doctors, teachers, nurses etc. Submission of incomplete documentation can lead to visa application rejection. An important guideline is that the immigration officer might come to your place to check the validity of the documents that have been submitted. The approximate time for visa processing by the embassy takes around 2, 3 months.

Do not miss the important tips  if you are applying for a German job seeker visa:

Take a look at frequently asked jobseeker visa interview questions by the German consulate.

We at Rcare offer complete job seeker visa services right from the document preparation, visa appointment, cover letter preparation, preparing you with German language classes & mock interview sessions. To check if you’re eligible for a Jobseeker visa in Germany, contact us at 01147940068 and book your appointment.