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How to apply for master’s in germany

There are a lot of study options available for Indian students to pursue their Masters across the globe nowadays which makes the selection of the perfect study destinations a thoughtful process.  One of the most favorable study destinations for Indians to pursue Master’s is Germany. It offers great study and work prospects.  Germany offers a world class education system& treats with competitive global exposure & advanced study culture. German Universities offer a range of Master’s courses in the field of engineering, business & finance, law & economics, language studies, media & journalism, arts and medicine.  Although a bulk of courses available in Germany are taught in their native language, German however you can pursue your master’s degree in Germany in English language too. There are many masters’ courses available in English language, making it convenient for the foreign students to choose the University that offers their preferred course

Affordable cost of studying and living, skill-based education and focus on holistic development makes Germany the perfect place for students willing to pursue master’s courses. Germany’s higher education system involves two types of universities:

  • Public universities (state-controlled)
  • Private universities (independent)

The tuition fees in in public universities are very less as compared to the private universities. Pursuing higher studies in Germany in private universities is an expensive affair, so it’s always better to compare and analyze the course and the quality (and type) of university before applying in such Universities

Procedure to apply for Masters in Germany



The most important step before applying at a German university is deciding your course preference and career goals. There are various masters’ programs offered by German universities from which you need to identify the ones that suit your interest and educational background. You can also opt for a course that is more demanding giving the current market & job perspective. Some important points that can be kept in mind are location of the university, tuition fees, ranking etc.


After finalizing the course and university, you need to check the eligibility criteria for application. Generally, these things are mentioned on the official websites of the respective universities and may vary from university to university.


It’s important to be fluent in English or German to be able to get admission in the German universities. This helps you to communicate and understand whatever is taught in the classes. At the master level, a lot of courses are generally taught in English language (partially or completely) these days, giving you more options for shortlisting the perfect course. However, the language proficiency level required to apply for MS in Germany varies according to the university, course and exam. It is important to appear for the IELTS exam as it is mandatory for application process for Masters in Germany. Some Universities might even ask for a German language certificate of A1 or A2 level.


After gathering the required documents, the next step is to submit your application for the master’s course. The application can be submitted online by filling the complete application form along with required documents.  In most of German Universities application process is handled by third party government body UNI-ASSIST.  A personal account can be created on this and then you can choose your preferred master’s course. The scanned documents can also be uploaded here. However, some German universities have their own application form, the information about which can be obtained from their official websites.


One needs to wait and let the university finish its part of the process after submitting the application. The processing of application can take several weeks.


Regardless of citizenship, every person is obliged to be health insured in Germany. Cover this stage much before your university confirms your seat in the master’s course. This step would save your time during Visa application process.


According to the German government’s estimations, a foreign student who wishes to study in Germany should have at least €720 per month or €8,640 per year in his/her bank account which is also referred as opening of block account. Your student visa will be rejected if you fail to submit your blocked account during visa interview.


The final step for a non-EU and non-EEA international student is to get a visa so that you are allowed to study in Germany. After completion of all the above steps, one must go to the German embassy in your country for collecting the information and initiating the procedures for getting a student visa .

The timing plays a very important role because the processing of your student visa application might take long which might exceed the enrollment deadline and the starting of your course in Germany.your master’s application in Germany for September 2019, winter intake today with Rcare. We help students with all the application process & offer a 100% successful visa rate. Call us at 01147940068 to know more.

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Document Checklist for German Job Seeker Visa

Germany has gained huge fame amongst the students and the job aspirants in the recent years. It is the largest economy in Europe and has a significant German language presence throughout the European region. Germany has fast-growing industries which need skilled labor, making it a good opportunity for candidates who are STEM graduates. The STEM stands for Science Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

The German Job Seeker Visa gives you an opportunity to search for job in Germany during our stay there. It is basically a long-term residence permit in Germany for people wanting a job. You can move to Germany for 6 months and look for the most suitable job for yourself and if it fits you, then you may continue with that. The validity of this visa is generally for 6 months, which is a good time period for searching a decent job matching your profile. After finding the job, you need to convert this job seeker visa into work visa in Germany so that you work and live in Germany as an immigrant. Noteworthy thing about the job seeker visa is that it doesn’t allow you to start working in Germany immediately. It only enables you to stay in Germany and look for a job. Below are some important guidelines about the eligibility and requirements for this visa.


You need to fulfil the following conditions if you wish to be eligible to apply for the job seeker visa:

  • A Bachelor of Master’s Degree equivalent to German University Degree is a must.
  • 5 years of experience in your field of study is essential.
  • You have to show proof of enough funds to support your stay in Germany.
  • You need to get medical insurance for stay in Germany till the time you get your work Permit or for the complete period.

Documents Required

After you confirm your eligibility, you need to gather the various documents essential to support your application for visa. These documents work like an assurance for the immigration officers. You must attach the most accurate set of documents to assure a smooth process. The required documents along with the German job seeker visa application are as follows:

  • Valid passport.
  • Visa Application form.
  • A4 size copy of your passport’s data page.
  • 3 passport size pictures according to bio metric specifications.
  • Cover letter.
  • Proof of educational qualification.
  • Your resume.
  • Proof of accommodation in Germany.
  • Proof of financial resources/funds.
  • Bank account statement as a proof that you can support your stay in Germany.
  • Obligation letter from a sponsor (if any) in Germany is needed
  • Documents regarding your personal status proof in your home country (like birth certificate, Aadhar card, marriage certificate etc. with English translation)
  • Health Insurance proof

The submission of the above-mentioned documents alone does not guarantee the approval of your job seeker visa. It’s majorly depends on the accuracy & valid documents that you submitted. If the documents and the reason of your visit to Germany are well prepared then only your visa application would be approved. After the document submission, an interview will be scheduled with the immigration officer. It will be a tough task to attain the visa easily. So, it’s really important that the documents, the interview, the background check and the application form are as per the requirement.

We recommend you to carry cash of Rs.40000 during your interview which will be submitted to the embassy as part of document verification process. You have to prepare two application sets with the above-mentioned documents and also bring your original certificates along. However, additional documents can be asked during the process, especially for certain professionals like doctors, teachers, nurses etc.. Submission of incomplete documentation can lead to visa application rejection. An important guideline is that the immigration officer might come to your place to check the validity of the documents that have been submitted. The approximate time for visa processing by the embassy takes around 2, 3 months.

We at Rcare offer complete job seeker visa services right from the document preparation, visa appointment, cover letter preparation, preparing you with German language classes & mock interview sessions. To check if you’re eligible for a Job seeker visa in Germany, call us at 01147940068 and book your appointment.

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How to apply for bachelors in germany

Germany has evolved as a dream destination for the candidates willing to refine their skills, gain research experience & also to pursue higher studies. Germany offers you an excellent opportunity and an encouraging environment for student’s willing to enhance their knowledge & learn a practical oriented teaching. Germany also offers lucrative and challenging job opportunities that help you grow in and out.  The medium of teaching in Germany in almost all the public Universities is either in German or a combination of German & English. There are few private Universities that offer complete Bachelors study in English as well however without being biased we always recommend to opt for a public University for better exposure & job prospects.

For a Bachelor’s study in Germany you are required to get admission in StudienKolleg of a University which is also considered as the 13th year of education.  It is compulsory for every foreign citizen to complete studienkolleg before the commencement of your 1st semester Bachelor’s study.  The application to studienkolleg is possible after completion of required German language skills.

Following are the steps to ensure a smooth application and admission in a German university.


It’s important to decide which university and program is ideal for you. The international students can choose from a wide variety of subjects in the German universities. There are about 17,000 programs to choose from at While considering the university and the bachelor’s program, you must keep two things in mind:

  • The university and its location.
  • The content of the course.


After you choose the suitable university and program, it’s the time to check the requirements for admission. The university websites offer the required information about all the things. The official websites have sections where in the complete application requirements are explained very well. This stage is very crucial as every single detail would count. Your application starts with this and a minor error would lead to application rejection. Hence, it’s perfectly fine to take your time and be sure about all the requirements. The university should be instantly contacted if you fail to understand something about the process. Another important thing is that the requirements vary according to the university and therefore, you should check the process thoroughly. Some of the major requirements are:

  • School qualifications.
  • Grades from previous school.
  • Entrance qualification.
  • German language proficiency.
  • Cover letter or references.
  • ID documents and their copies.


Most of the Bachelor programs at the German universities have German as the language used for teaching and communication. Hence, it becomes really important that you are efficient in the German language skills. To prove this, you must submit a German language standardized test. However, the level of language required, depends totally on the course. There are some universities that don’t really require this test before you get admitted. They prepare you themselves for this under the German language preparatory course before beginning with the regular course.


The non-EU and non-EEA international students need to have proper financial means for being able to study in Germany. This step is important to manage the cost of studying and living in Germany. In order to attain a student visa, you must maintain at least €8,640 in a blocked bank account. It’s a huge amount for anyone. So, it’s advisable that you start with saving money long back before you begin with the application processes.


Once you are sure about the University you need to submit your application for your desired course after you have gathered and checked all the required documents for it.  Uni-assist is the online application platform where the majority of German universities participate and allows the application process to be carried out through this platform. However, some have their own platforms and some require you to apply online on their website and also on So, it’s really important to be thorough about these details too.


After submitting your application, you just have to sit back and wait. The processing of every application takes time because many students have similar aspirations and their applications are also under processing. The problem persists mainly in the highly reputed and famous universities. A missing document can also result in the admission delay, so it’s very important to be sure about every small detail before you make submission.


It is mandatory to get health insurance done if you are an international student willing to study in Germany. Once you receive the admission letter, you must go ahead with this step. There are two types of health insurance- private and public. While this step is necessary, it’s one’s own choice regarding the type of insurance and the provider.  We recommend you to do a good research before finalising the insurance provider company.


The last and the final step is getting the student visa for studying in Germany. Citizens of countries other than EU and EEA need to get this visa. You should visit the German embassy in your home country and collect the important information regarding your student visa application. Also, the whole process should be started at least three months before commencing your studies.

Call us at 01147940068 to start your Bachelors application in Germany.



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Tips to clear Goethe institute German language exams

We believe that must have had a great time learning German language but have you appeared for the Goethe Institute exam yet? In order get certified of your German language skills, you need to appear for the Goethe institute exams. It is a non-profit German cultural association promoting German language & only their passing certificates are the proof of your knowledge of German language which is accepted worldwide & also for applying for your studies in Germany.

Exams are always displeasing no matter what the subject is. However, when we talk of German language exams, it’s not like a pain in the neck only if we opt to choose with the right set of advices. The logic with German language exam preparations is simple- if you love to learn it, you’ll definitely do well in your exams. So, just give it your best shot and that’s all you really need. Here are some really helpful tips on the same.

Quality of preparation

Preparing for the exam requires correct guidance, detailed study module & your hard work & dedication.  You will more confident & prepared if you have covered all the topics & practiced them regularly.  It is always recommendable to take help from a professional or a German language expert.

The right choice of institute

The institute you choose to study in, matters a lot when it comes to learning a foreign language like German. It’s always better to look for institutes with a good record of successful candidates and with a quality experience.

Focus on the vocabulary and grammar

Vocabulary and grammar form the basis of a language. Update yourself thoroughly with vocabulary of respective German language levels Also; understand the grammar part completely as you will feel more confident. This will also help you form as many sentences as you want in German and translate whatever you see or hear in your exam.

Constant practice

Stay in constant touch with the language. Keep enhancing your language skills by practicing it daily in the form of a casual discussion with your friends or colleagues so that it becomes like a part of your daily life. You can form an online group wherein you can exchange messages in German language, chat casually or share useful and relevant German language material. This improves your writing and reading skills.

Go beyond the class

Learning the language & preparing for the exam should not be limited to the classroom only. It’s vital that you take initiative to learn more and more even after your class ends. It requires your extra efforts and interest. You must go beyond the usual schedule to search for better ways to grasp more command over the languagefor example through songs, TV series, movies, and various other audios or videos which would be interesting and informative too. This way your hearing and speaking abilities in the language would improve.

Browse the internet

Practice materials are available on Goethe website for hearing, speaking, writing and reading sections for all levels. You may attempt all those sections within the stipulated time and then judge your own performance before taking the final exam so that you are aware of your weaknesses and strengths beforehand. Apart from solving the Goethe practice paper, you can also find more such materials on the internet from reputed sites.


The most important thing to keep in mind before appearing for any exam is the feel confident. You already have done the hard work & you are now fully prepared to handle whatever is asked in the exam.  Give your best shot in the exam.

We wish all the aspiring students all the best for their German language exams. For information regarding learning German language online, call us at 01147940068.

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10 reasons to start learning German language today

Learning a foreign language can be really interesting and also helps you make giant leaps in your career & can open wide range of new work opportunities for you. Learning a new language like German can be considered as equivalent to exploring a new culture altogether which is quite fascinating. You get an edge above the rest if you keep your focus in the right direction under the guidance of a good institute or teacher. So go ahead and read what all are the compelling reasons to learn the German language :

German is easy to learn & adapt

German and English have the same language family tree. There are more than 1000 words in German language which are closely related to English words. You just have to study smart rather than hard.

Opportunity to study for free in Germany

One of the most significant reason why we recommend students to learn German language is because it opens the door for them to study in German Universities which are reputed internationally & don’t cost any tuition fees.

In European Union, German is the most spoken native language

The three official working languages of European Union are English, French & German. German is also the third most taught foreign language in the world.

Germany holds the largest economy in Europe

Germany is the biggest economy within the European Union and the fourth largest in the world.

Great option for business

Germany is the world’s top location for trade fairs. It is the third largest exporter in the world.

Germany offers great business opportunities

Germany is home to a number of globally recognized brands, for example Volkswagen, Lufthansa, Siemens etc. . Berlin is dubbed to be called as “the silicon valley of Europe” as it has become a startup hub. Hence, it boosts career opportunities.

German has strong online presence

There are over 15 million websites in German, which opens a lot of scope in terms of trade and business with a strong command in German language.

1 in 10 books in the world are published in German

German is the most commonly used scientific language. Just after the English and Chinese publishing industries, German book market is the third largest in the world. Since there’s lesser books are translated into our known languages, it’s essential we have the knowledge of the German language to read them.

The language of innovators and inventors

It’s very well-known that Germans were responsible for one of the finest and most impressive achievements in the world. Also, we call Germany the land of poets and thinkers (das Land der Dechter und Denker). Many Nobel prizes have been awarded to the Germans.

We can find Germans everywhere

It is evident from different data that Germans are the ones who spend the largest when it comes to international travel. The people in travel and tourism industry can gain immense benefits if they know German language.


What are you waiting for? Enroll now to learn this amazing language. Call us at 01147940068 to register for a demo class

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Checklist For German Student Visa

If you are applying under student visa category in Germany then you need to make sure that you carry all the required documents which is made mandatory by the German Embassy. Germany being one of the favorite study abroad destination for Indian students offers a variety of courses in the field of Engineering, Medicine, MBA, Law, Language, economic & arts. All the students who are either going for pursuing their Bachelor’s, Master’s or short courses must carry the below-given documents.

• Student’s valid passport (issued within the last 10 years and with at least 12 months validity left after the
scheduled return).
• A complete & correctly filled student visa application form & declarations duly signed.
• 1 copy of your passport’s data page (A4 size copy) which are the 1st & the last page of your passport.
• 3 passport pictures according to biometric specifications. Please make sure you carry only the biometric photos.
Kindly approach the photo studio who are expert in this.
• A well-drafted cover letter from an applicant (student) explaining the exact purpose and duration of stay in
• All the documents related to your letter of admission from a German university.
• Kindly carry the proof of payment of study fees, if applicable for your applied German University.
• Proof of language proficiency in English. If you have appeared for IELTS or TOEFL, kindly carry the report card
for either of these exams.
• German language certificate. This is required in case the course you have applied for is taught in German
language. However even though if your course is in the English language, we still recommend you to carry this.
• Kindly carry proof of other academic qualifications.
• Need to carry a document which shows proof of financial means which ensures to cover the costs for the time of
your studies in Germany with either of the following document:

* Confirmation of scholarship/ stipend.
* “Verpflichtungserklärung” (formal obligation letter) by sponsor living in Germany.
* Proof of blocked account with Kotak Mahindra Bank in India or a suitable Bank in Germany in the name of the applicant showing a minimum balance of 8640 Euros. In case you opt for blocked account in Germany the proof needs to include the remark that the account holder can dispose of a monthly amount of 720 Euros.
* Confirmation of an annually renewable bank guarantee from a bank in Germany in the amount of 8640 Euros.

• Carry a travel insurance certificate which shall be covering the period from your departure date to the date of
enrolment at the university (mentioned in your letter of admission). It is approximately 3 months.

Kindly arrange all these documents before the visa interview date & make 2 copies of the above-mentioned list of the document along with the original certificates.

There is a possibility that the embassy might ask some other supporting documents as well apart from the ones you had submitted. Kindly make sure that you do submit those additional documents requested by the embassy within the requested time period.

Wish to know more information about student visa for Germany, call us today @ 01147940068. We offer complete Germany visa application assistance with mock interview sessions.


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Why study Automotive Engineering in Germany


Designing and making cars is something most kids strive for since childhood and being an Automotive engineer one can turn this dream into reality.

Germany is providing the best education in the field of Engineering since ages. Most of the top universities of Germany offer Automotive Engineering at very low cost.

Germany offer high quality education and internationally recognized degrees in the field of Automotive Engineering. Germany has always been known for excellent automobile manufacturing with some companies as BMW, Volkswagen, Audi etc.

Top Universities for Automotive Engineering in Germany

Out of several prestigious universities for engineering, three of them rank in top 100 universities in the world as per ‘Times Higher Education-QS World rankings 2017”. On account to this there are several other universities scattered in country with option to study Automotive Engineering.

  1. University of Bayreuth
  2. Technical University of Munich
  3. Technical University of Berlin
  4. RWTH Aachen University
  5. Esslingen University of Applied Sciences
  6. Technical University of Ingolstadt
  7. TU Dortmund University
  8. Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences
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How to Apply for Medicine in Germany

Germany is an excellent location for attaining a medical degree, offering high-quality education at low cost. Medical education in Germany is free and the main requirements for admission are high school certificate and German language skills. The Medical training program in Germany is a single course of duration 6years unlike other countries that offer bachelor and masters seperately.  It concludes with the state examination. The medical program is entirely in German language.


As it is already mentioned good German language skills are essential as you have to deal with the German patients during the practical phase and in account to this you will not feel difficulty in following the lectures in German. One more prerequisite before applying for Medicine in Germany is ability to cope well with stress as medical programs are often time-consuming and exhaustive, with up to 25-30 hours of mandatory classes a week.

Non-EU students may demand a student visa and residence permit

Medical education in Germany is integrated into a network of hospitals, universities, research institutes and business enterprises. Medicine is a very popular course to study in Germany. That’s why good grades are essential for admission.


The admission process differ for  different universities..Germany follows  a centrally restricted admission policy (called a national “Numerus clausus” or “central NC”), because Medicine is one of those subjects for which there are more applicants than study places available. We advise you contacting the university of your choice well in advance.

How to apply:

To apply for student visa, the student must present a medical certificate.To submit your application via the Stiftung für Hochschulzulassung  Foundation for University Admissions, you should register yourself via their website, this will allow you to track your application status. You may also require to  complete an online registration procedure on your university’s website. You can also apply through uni assist centralized admission process.

Career Outlook: 

Once you’ve passed the State Examination, you’ll be granted your medical license and can begin your practice as a doctor. The medical license is permanent and valid anywhere in Germany. Average starting salaries are very good around €49,000 (~US$52,000) a year, which is generally more than starting salaries for graduates of any other discipline.

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Blueprint, developing and setting up a building for live in, educating and working for people as well as complexed industrial building for occupation is related in learning architecture. Besides this the primary task of architecture is town evolution and enlargement. All this should be completed while keeping the safety of environment in mind and should also have powerful engineered ideas for correcting buildings which are unaltered by the natural shocks and threat.

In Germany studying Architecture

Deutschland has engrave a forte for its amazing architectural skills, which are acknowledged and needed worldwide. Remarkable education is provided by the country to students. Beside theoretical knowledge, practical knowledge is also provided in every possible field of architectural course.

Have to appear for various examination and should have required percentage in each exam appeared. Student once admitted to the university will get to study the 3 years of Bachelor’s degree and afterwards will able to pursue the 2 years master course.

2 years duration of training programme is provided to the student after the completion of the course and will be eligible to get recorded his/her name in register of architects. After the complete procedure the student will be able to use the degree and get a placement in Europe government or in other country.

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Working visa for Germany

Working visa for Germany

In the field of skill work Germany is facing shortage. Therefore, it is an advantage to all the international applicant who are trying for Germany for job purpose. Although getting is only the first step and it will requires a visa.

The wave of baby boomers retiring is prompting various companies to seek qualified to fill vacant position. That’s why Germany is awash in opportunity.

European Union citizens, as well as citizens of USA, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Canada and The Republic of Korea can apply for residential permit for their occupation after they entered the Germany.

When the process is completed and your application has been approved by the Alien’s and Work office then the Embassy will issue you a residence permit in the type of visa, which have an authorized permit to work in Germany. No extra permit is required when you arrived at Germany.

Work Permit for Non-EU Nationals

According to the introduction of new Immigration law on January 2005 by the German Republic, residence permits is sub categorises in 3 parts:

  1. General employment
  2. Specialist professional
  3. Self-employed

Relocation Services

Not everyone but some do prefer to hire a private relocation firm which help out them with giving brief but some do by their own too. From visa application to finding German language lessons, these firm helps foreigners by instructing them.

Let’s have an example of RCARE, it has tie ups with many companies which provides people a path for moving to Germany. Generally they offer visa and work permit services. They do help in basic transition need like apartment hunting, buying health insurance and setting up a bank account.