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Having an MBA degree from a reputed college will add extra weightage to your qualifications in the resume and get you a good job more easily.


Among different countries, studying MBA in Germany can really be beneficial for you. Germany is renowned for its excellent education system and offering good placement services to students throughout the world.


Germany is known as the third largest Industrial economy in the world and that’s the reason behind the set up of so many financial companies and making Frankfurt as one of the leading financial hubs in Europe. Talking about the history of Business Schools in Germany, it shows that International students weren’t so keen on enrolling in any of the management courses due to lengthy duration. However, with the onset of the Bologna process, the duration of the courses has reduced to much extent thus opening up opportunities for students to apply for MBA degrees.


Advantages of Studying MBA in Germany

1.The faculty members of the B-School are highly experienced and keep themselves abreast of the latest happenings in Business world thereby giving real corporate like experience to the students.
2.The cost of living in Germany is quite low and can be easily managed by every international student studying there.
3.Clearing GMAT exam for enrolling in German MBA programs is not necessary as there are a lot of B-schools take in the International students without asking for the GMAT score.
4.There is a lot of scope for internship programs as these are highly encouraged and sometimes quite compulsory.
5.Doing MBA in Germany is paid unlike other programs like Masters in Science. The students are offered research projects which are paid for, thus offering them excellent remuneration along with studies.
6.MBA institutes in Germany allow international students to work part time during the course tenure. In fact, working in Germany is quite easy as there is no dearth of good jobs in the country unlike those in other parts of Europe where the majority of the jobs have dried up.
7.A student who wishes to settle in Germany after completing his studies is allowed to stay back in the country for 1 year. If he gets the job there, he shall be entitled for work permit and can apply for Permanent Settlement.
8.A lot of German companies like Siemens, Bosch and many more have their set up in India which means that one can return to his motherland and get the job in these companies with similar pay packages.


Eligibility Criteria for enrolling in MBA program in Germany


You have to fulfill the eligibility criteria so as to get admission in MBA program:-

1.Bachelor’s degree with at least 58% marks
2.One or two years work experience
3.German proficiency


It is necessary to be proficient in German language before joining any of the MBA programs in Germany. This is because the language has to be used by the students on a daily basis while staying in Germany as the local people might not know any other language. Moreover, the language is essential during work hours to interact with clients of the companies.

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