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Living Expense in Germany

 Germany is the most favourite destination among international students due to its cost-effective education. If you are planning to move to Germany in the near future for your higher studies, it’s good to know the cost of living beforehand. This blog covers all the details you need to know.

The country showcases a rich heritage, culture, history, scenic beauty as well as top universities.

The average cost of living varies from city to city due to variety of factors. The monthly expenditure for a single student is the highest in the cities like Hamburg and Munich whereas it is considerably lower in cities like Dresden and Leipzig. Despite this, basic amenities like groceries are highly affordable in all German cities.


The monthly accommodation cost in Germany depends on the city where you are staying. In cities like Munich, the monthly accommodation is approximately 500-600 Euros per month. In cities like Berlin, Hamburg it is approximately 400-450 Euros per month & in cities like Kiel, Chemnitz, Clausthal, Frieberg it is generally 300 to 350 Euros. If you are looking for perfectly furnished large accommodation near the centre of the city the rent per month can reach up to 1000 Euros.

2.Food and drink

The average cost of eating out at a decent and inexpensive restaurant is in the range of  8-14 euros whereas a three-course meal at some mid-range restaurant cost up to 30-40 euros. So cooking at home would be a great idea if you do not want to splurge. 

3.Public Transportation

Public transport in German is the most efficient and convenient for students. The good news is that a monthly payment for transportation is included in the university’s semester payment

4.Health Insurance

Health insurance is mandatory for students in Germany. It is between 100-150 Euros month, however, there are many options available now which are as low as 67 Euros per month.

Two main categories of Health Insurance in Germany are:

  • Public Health Insurance
  • Private Health Insurance

A student is free to choose what suits one’s requirements and how much one is willing to pay.

If you need to know more about important information like cost of living, health care facilities, mode of transportation as well as the quality of life you can check There are a lot of discounts offered to students like rent, food, clothing, recreational events, and others.

Kindly watch this video to know about other expenses you need to consider in Germany.

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