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SOP(Statement Of Purpose) for MBBS in Germany

How to write SOP for MBBS in Germany

‘How to write Sop for MBBS in Germany?’ The question that comes in every student’s mind when applying to German universities. Statement of Purpose is the first thing that you will be writing when you are applying to different universities in Germany. You need to understand what information you should write in your SOP. In this blog , we talk about how to write sop for Mbbs in Germany.

Writing a statement of purpose needs utmost clarity, an ambiguous and lengthy SOP will affect your application process. We will be showing a sample sop for German universities later in this blog.

Some of the questions that you should ask yourself before writing a Sop are:

  • Why have you chosen Germany for MBBS?
  • What are your short terms and long terms goals?
  • What have you done so far to achieve these goals?

You can follow the given statement of purpose template and start writing sop for Germany.

Sample SOP for MBBS In Germany:

In recent years, the medical world has changed from classroom training to Simulation-based training. I believe MBBS is not just a degree but a platform to help the world in the best possible direction. The words which constantly inspires me are “If you are not making someone else’s life better, then you’re wasting your time. Your life will become better by making others lives better.” During my school days unlike other kids of my age, I used to play virtual surgery simulation games. Although it was a simulation, the fact that I could save someone’s life made me proud of myself. I have decided that further study would be useful in developing my career potential, providing me with greater opportunities for future success. I wish to reach out to all the people who are deprived of medical services.

Studying my bachelors in Germany would be like a dream come true. I chose to pursue medicine from Germany because it would be a great platform from where I can initiate building the blocks for my dream job as it would help me gain a reputed recognition, a plethora of experience, enhanced skills & insights of the most technical friendly work environment to practice my education. Germany stands in the pinnacle of European countries when it comes to education as they which is why it makes Germany as an ideal study destination for aspiring students like me to pursue higher studies. Studying in Deutschland would provide me with a great opportunity to prove myself a considerable candidate in my field of interest.

I completed my SSE in (the year) with (….%) and HSE in (the year) and received the certificate of merit. I qualified ( …………… exam) with ( this rank …..), the most prestigious and toughest medical entrance exams of India. I received a Certificate of Excellence for (……….Challenge). I got State Rank(……….) in (this exam…….) Apart from studies, I secured 1st position and Gold Medalist in Dance competition by (……..State Council ) for Child Welfare. I have been participating in various olympiads throughout my school days like OLYMPIAD 1, received a certificate of Excellence and Bronze medal, OLYMPIAD 2OLYMPIAD3 

YOUR UNIVERSITY being one of the best colleges in medical education will be ideal for me to earn an MBBS, supplementing my previous education perfectly.  I feel that international education will equip me with the skills to work with international hospitals and medical services. After earning an MBBS and gaining serious experience I believe that I will be ready to take the next step towards the specialization. 

I consider myself as an ideal candidate for pursuing medicine as I have a very well understanding of the other person’s need. I have a strong capability to empathize to what the people need, their problems as well as their circumstances. In addition to this, I have a strong sense of problem-solving. This quality will surely help me while handling complications in any medical case and also in day to day life. I possess bodily-kinesthetic and logical-mathematical intelligence, both of which provide me to control my hand and eye co-ordination and solve each and every problem in the best way possible. 

My goals have always been my first priority and will always be. I hence look forward to the favourable consideration of my candidature.

Yours Sincerely 

Name of the Student


We hope after reading this blog carefully, you might have gained some insights on How to write SOP for MBBS in Germany.

NOTE: As said earlier, an SOP should be unique, original and innovative. This is just a sample to make you understand what you should write in yours. The following Sop is just a sample and personal details such as educational qualification and university details have been hidden. Rcare is strongly against plagiarism and requests all students to use this as a reference. Do not copy this content.



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How To Get Germany Student Visa Appointment

Once you get the admission letter from a German university, the next step is to apply for a Germany student visa to the German embassy/consulate of your jurisdiction, you can also take visa appointment at VFS as well however please make sure to check the visa category before booking your appointment. This article features information about the most common visa category for Germany i.e Long term student visa, Germany visa requirements for students, Student visa checklist for Germany, Language student visa Germany and most frequently asked student visa interview questions.


STUDENT VISA-- Every year almost 80,000 Indian students are applying for a study visa in Germany. Since German Universities offer free education, it has become one of the most sought after study destination for Indians. Study visa comes under national visa category. The German universities offer 2 types of admission letters:

  • Conditional admission letter
  • Unconditional admission letter

Students who hold the conditional admission letter cannot book a visa appointment in VFS they have to take a visa appointment only at a German consulate that comes under their jurisdiction. Whereas students who hold an unconditional admission letter from a German University can book their visa appointment from either German consulate or from VFS


STUDENT VISA CHECKLIST -- While applying for your student visa, you need to make sure that all your documents are ready as per the checklist issues by German consulate of your jurisdiction. Please watch this video to see the mandatory documents for student visa checklist

Student Visa Checklist For Germany

The visa interview at VFS is based only on the submission of your visa documents & biometrics. However, if you are going for the interview at German consulate then you should definitely be well prepared with the most frequently asked visa interview questions. The German consulate officers might ask you the questions orally or can also ask you to write a set of questions.
Please watch this video to know the most commonly asked student visa interview questions

Frequently Asked Study Visa Interview Questions by German Embassy

 LANGUAGE VISA -- Many students & working professionals prefer going to Germany to learn the German language. The visa application for language visa comes under long term visa category. The language visa can be extended to 1 year of stay in Germany without the intent of subsequent higher studies.

Students who are going to Germany to pursue their Bachelor’s or Master’s after learning German language from Germany itself should keep in mind that if the university from where they have received the conditional admission letter for studying German language either from the same university or from any private institute should not apply for language visa at all. They are anyhow eligible to directly apply for a student visa.
Language visa is for those candidates who wish to only learn the German language and come back to their native country


LANGUAGE VISA CHECKLIST -- The checklist for language visa is almost similar to a student visa. Instead of University admission letter, you need to submit the admission letter from the German institute.
You can book a visa appointment for a German consulate or at VFS as well through VFS global Germany. You can call VFS to know about your correct visa category and visa appointment dates availability. Here is the VFS landline no. 022-67866013, and this is the link VFS .

For every location, there is different procedure be it Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai or Kolkata. Whichever consulates you apply to make it sure that you should have been staying in that region a minimum for the last 6 months. It is very important to book your visa slot at least 5-6 months before as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore embassy dates are very difficult to take due to the fact that many Indians are moving to Germany for better education and career prospects.

We at Rcare Overseas Education offer complete visa assistance services that include:

  • Visa appointment (German consulate or VFS)
  • Visa document preparation
  • Visa Interview preparation
  • Block account opening assistance
  • Accommodation assistance in Germany


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