Travel Packing List for Germany After Confirmation of Visa

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Travel Packing List for Germany After Confirmation of Visa

Every person dreams to live once in a foreign country as every country has its own beauty which cannot be discriminated or compared with the other countries. It is also a ‘DREAM COME TRUE’ part of life when you get a chance to live in another country rather than yours. But also there can be situations where you can feel humiliated and embarrassed as there are some social laws or you can say ‘RULES AND REGULATIONS’ which are different for every country and the actions are taken with respect to the laws. So, you should know every law in the country you are willing to visit. Germany can be a nice visit. If you plan to come to Germany, I will make you introduce with the “GERMAN MECHANISM OF LIFE”. You can do things in German way which would help you establish yourself in a reputed German society. My article, which I am about to show you, focuses on ‘GERMAN CULTURE’. Kindly read till the end and absorb all the things as it would help you in having a good lifestyle in Germany. It will be a great pleasure for the reader. Enjoy yourself.


Germany winters are quite harsh sometimes, especially in the months between October and April. The temperature in winters can fall to -2 degree Celsius. On the other hand, it can be mind-boggling as many people enjoy the beauty of winters. There is a list of some clothes that one should carry while visiting the country.


• Muffler

• Overcoat

• Underpants

• Sweaters

• Windcheaters

• Leather/Woolen gloves

• Big Hat or a Cap


Germans are very punctual about time. So, it can be a dreadful situation for a person who is lethargic by nature. If you have any appointment, class etc, be punctual about time and try not to be late. In case you feel like you will get late, arriving early is the best option. But you have to wait till the time appointed.


Women or Men, shaking hand is something which one should not forget when visiting Germans. Small presents can be very admirable by your host. A bottle of wine is the best gift for a family. It is always a cock-a-hoop moment for a woman to receive flowers. Presenting flowers is not always a signification for an intimate relationship except offering a single red rose to your partner with whom you have an intimate relationship.


You should use proper titles. A person, who is designated as a Professor, should be called the professor.


Do not forget to grasp knowledge about politics or philosophy as Germans do not admire small and unfruitful talk. Express yourself precisely and distinctly. Germans do not like ambiguity. Germans require a long time to become friends and don’t like when a friendship is forced. They can reach the expected level of intimacy but all they require is ‘TIME’.


Before the start of every meal, you should say “Guten Appetit” which is “have a nice meal” in English translation. The answer to that should be “Danke. Gleichfalls” which means “Thank you. Same to you”. Germans way of eating is very different. You are supposed to hold the fork in your left hand and the knife on your right one. However, spoons are mainly focused on using for sup. They don’t like when you visit their home and start juggling with their things, pull out books from their bookshelves, open their fridge and the most important thing, don’t ever try to walk in their bedrooms unless you are invited. You should always take permission before attempting to do anything. After you finish eating, put down your fork and knife side by side on the plate but do not ever belch when thanking your host for the invitation and meal. You must not leave the table until everybody is finished. Always wait for them.


Germans do not wish in advance for birthdays. So, if you have any German friend, do not wish him/her in an advance while you must wish on the born date or after that.


Germans have a very strict routine. You should not call them after 10 O’clock in the evening unless it is accorded to do so. Say your name, ‘Familienname’ which is ‘Family name’ in English instead of saying ‘Hello’. Old or elderly people should not be called in the noon after one till three O’clock. Also, calling families before 10 O’clock in the morning should be eschewed.


Going to a pub with your friends is a part of the joy in life. But don’t compel yourself to eat, drink or do something which your friends do. If you are comfortable with alcoholic drinks like beer or wine, then you can have that and of course, no one minds. Over this, if soft drinks or juices are more preferable by you, no one minds that too. In German, we say ‘Prost’ or ‘Zum Who’ which means ‘Cheers’ in English. Everyone should pay their own bills, even when you are with your friends unless you are invited. Don’t depend on others to pay your bill as it would be awkward and non-acceptable. You should always pay the bill directly to the waiter and a tip should not be forgotten by one which is equivalent to 10-11% of the bill. Living in a host or joint family can be as bad as much as it is good because they also have some rules which every family member should follow. You cannot come back drunk. Drinking is acceptable while getting drunk is not.


It is your personal choice whether you carry cash or bank cards but cash is more preferable according to the country as it will be used more ordinarily. There are some legal requirements which are mandatory to carry with you every time while living in the country. Under these requirements comes Passport or an ID card provided by the country as the foreigner ID card is not a consideration and is invalid. Road rules are strictly followed by Germans. It is prohibited to move into the bicycle lane while walking on the pavement as it is engaged for bicycles only. Also, you should see and observe the signals while crossing the street or a lane as it can be a punishable offence and you can be arraigned. Children should also be aware of these rules or they can harm themselves. Through stories and examples, it should be made to understand by the children.

Watch this video to know how much money you need to carry while moving to Germany.


There are a lot of things that you will learn during your survival in the country. Just be calm and stay alert with your mind and body. 


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