Visa interview guide

Visa interview guide

Despite having all the documents and meeting all the criteria people often get the refusal. A lot of it depends on the visa interview, whether you successfully get the Visa or not. Here are few tips based on people’s experiences and facts.some important guidelines for Visa interview. Our intention is to make you understand what kind of questions one face in  Visa Interview, so that one can prepare well beforehand in a better way and provide your own good answer which will be case specific according to your scenario, and circumstances (Kindly don’t send queries for providing answers). Kindly prepare your own answers for each and every question which suits to your circumstances, course of study, university, area of interest, financial conditions and opportunities available for your area of specialization etc.


Now don’t get nervous with the word “interview”. This is not like a job interview, however this is an important process (for visa seeker) so take it easy with confidence and follow the following tips.


Points to prepare for visa interview


1. Fill all the forms/applications neatly and completely.

2. Know what you have filled in the form. Many times it happens specially in parents case, where children or sponsors fill out the application and the applicant him/her self doesn’t know what information is provided.

3. Provide correct and authentic information.

4. If getting copies for documents make sure the copies are of good quality and readable.

5. Verify the names, date of birth, etc. should match with the information in your passport.

6. Organize your documents in proper logical order:

7. Get some information/general knowledge on what the Visa is all about? What is the process etc.?

8. Prepare for the most commonly asked interview questions.

9. Be there a little early.


Points to Remember


1. Every student’s visa questions are unique to him/her conditions and only case specific.

2. Be positive and stay positive throughout interview.

3. Give answers confidently and lively.

4. Maintain continuous eye contact with VO throughout the interview.

5. Answer to the point and don’t explain anything in detail, until asked for.

6. Prepare your own answers to most commonly asked questions.

7. Make sure your answers are focusing on your achievements, skills, projecting you as a sincere student, presenting proof of having sufficient funds readily available and most  important, your intentions of coming back to India after completion of your graduate or Research program.

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